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Sass Modeling and Talent Agency

How to get your baby involved in the televison/film/fashion industry

We accept all submissions for babies, however, we do not suggest getting headshots for them since they change so much!  We would love to represent your baby,  but we will need you to update his/her photo's  at least every 2 to 4 months. This is very important! Our talent book is kept current so our clients are viewing our talent, exactly as they are.
To be considered for representation
Please complete & mail the baby registration form and include a photo of your baby (include name & date photo taken on back) and send to SASS. If you are called and your child or children have been accepted you would then print all required forms located on our web-site along with the $30.00 fee and the most recent photo of your child or children (4 years old & under) This will allow Sass to include them on our web-site for any upcoming audition opportunities. 

Baby Hunter
Anyone care for some lunch?

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