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You need a professional headshot in order to work.  We cannot submit any other photos except headshots and we can't promote you if we can't submit you for the job!  Headshots need to be updated every two years or if you dramatically change your look.

The photo shoot will cost $100 and you will have at least 12-24 different black & white shots to choose from on a contact sheet. You select the best photo and the photographer will give you an 8x10 enlargement. Additional items & copies are available but you need to discuss this with the photographer directly. This initial photo shoot cost is paid directly to the photographer and not to SASS. 

NOTE:    HEADSHOT ATTIRE:  We recommend wearing a solid colored shirt (plaids, stripes, or solid black or white shirt is not recommended)  You may bring one change with you if you wish to have two different looks to choose from.  Please remember- a headshot is a natural look, not a glamour shot.  Look as natural as possible or as you do everyday!

After you receive a copy of your headshot- you will need to contact SASS immediately to order copies. SASS has discount rates and 250 copies of a Black & White (8x10) headshot will cost $150. The copies will be sent directly to you.

After you receive the copies we need you to send SASS at least 50 copies so that we may print a resume on the back to send to the production companies, casting agents, directors, producers, etc. We make sure our talent is seen and we will always consider you for any requests fitting your profile.

The minimum initial investment to break into the entertainment industry is $250.

*The prices shown are for Black & White 8x10 Headshots. Color shoots & headshots are more expensive. However, everyone in the entertainment industry must have a black & white headshot so it makes sense to start here. You may also speak with the photographer if you wish to order a copy of your contact sheet (shows all pictures taken at shoot) or your headshot on CD. These items will cost additional money and are not necessary.

** SASS Modeling & Talent Agency charges a $30 yearly promotion fee to cover the cost of shipping & promotional fees. Please mail this amount with your registration form ** 

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