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Sass Modeling and Talent Agency

Need head shots? The demand is high so get on our waiting list today!

SASS is now accepting new talent!
Need new photo's or just want to update
Sass can reccommed some of the best photographers and acting coaches. Call now for our help!
(We cannot copy your picture from other sites due to copyright laws.)
Once accepted by SASS,
you are required to fill out the follwing forms
- Registration Form
- Independent Contractor Form
- Personal Management Agreement
-Resume Worksheet
For Newcomers
If your photo is a snapshot please e-mail or mail only one photo with your name and telephone number's on the back.
Experienced Actors/Models
If you are accepted and Sass has approved your professional  8x10 black & white reproductions. You will then mail  20-40 hard copies with your resume on the back. If your photo's are in a compcard format send atleast 10 cards.
Please mail your $30.00 yearly promotional fee and your professional  photo will be added to our web-site.
. ( Photo's cannot be paper copies.)
   (If you do not have a resume, please request our Resume Information Form and we will make one for you!) 
** If you are submitting your infant or toddlers please go to the baby page.

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